Kinder Kountry uses the following curriculums, which have been approved by School Readiness:

  • Infants/toddlers: “Learn Every Day” from KAPLAN
  • Preschoolers (3 Year olds): “Creative Curriculum” from Teaching Strategies
  • VPK (4 and 5 year olds): “Creative Curriculum” from Teaching Strategies


Our clean, cheerful classrooms are arranged with learning centers where children can work independently or in small groups with a set of appropriate materials. Interest centers help children develop academic and social skills while allowing them to make choices.

Research shows that young children learn best through hands-on experiences that have been planned by knowledgeable teachers. To parents, this may look like "just play," but it is actually active learning. When young children explore things directly with their senses and practice new skills through play, they are learning in ways that are meaningful to them at their stage of development.

Because we exist in a multi-cultural community and wish to foster peace and understanding, we also include a diversity focus in the program.



Here at Kinder Kountry we provide as much individual attention as possible so that each infant's routine (diapering ,feeding, sleeping, etc.) is as much like their home experience as possible. In order to stimulate physical and cognitive development, babies are given experiences that stimulate all the senses, many opportunities to handle toys and materials and to play and move on the floor. We also foster emotional security, positive self-concept, and language skills by holding, cuddling, singing, mimicking sounds and expressions, and playing with them on the floor. Particular care is given to keeping the environment and the equipment clean and disinfected. Parents are given a daily report to keep them informed of details regarding their child's daily routines such as feeding time, changing time, developmental skills observed, etc.


Toddlers build on what they have already learned and experienced; they love repetition and benefit from opportunities to practice their new skills. Teachers interact playfully with the children and provide a variety of materials and a safe environment for exploration.They set the stage for learning to be a fun and natural part of each child's day. Activities and experiences are designed to stimulate motor, cognitive, language, self-help and social-emotional skill development. Toddlers are given more opportunities to learn and be involved in their own care routines such as toileting, meals and rest time. Warm interactions with staff and other children are emphasized and activities are planned to promote social play.

PRESCHOOL (Three Year Olds):

In our three year old preschool class, children participate in a variety of planned learning experiences supportive of the learning and development of each child. We offer our threes a variety of activities: free- choice activities and small group times, quiet periods and active times, short activities and a few longer ones to increase the child's attention span (e.g., listening to an interesting story), and careful planning to develop the child socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Play is an important part of the program. It is the natural activity of childhood. Through play, children learn to share ideas, cooperate, solve problems, concentrate, express feelings and develop curiosity, strength, coordination, senses, imagination, and creativity. Within the context of a safe, secure environment, we provide many opportunities for enjoyable learning experiences that match the child's individual developmental needs and pace.


Kinder Kountry is certified as a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) provider.Our VPK program is 180 days (similar to a school-year calendar), and offers 3 hours (8:30 am-11:30am) of instruction each day to meet the VPK’s 540-hour requirement. The 3 instructional hours are paid by the VPK program and are free to parents. For a reasonable weekly fee, we offer extended care hours (11:30 am-6:00 pm) including snacks and lunch.

Our VPK program is designed to prepare four-year olds for kindergarten and to build a strong foundation for their continued educational success. Special emphasis is placed on enhancing each child's character development by focusing on self-awareness, cooperative behavior, responsibility, and self-confidence. The VPK curriculum focuses on phonics, language development, reading, fine motor (handwriting foundation skills), math and science concepts. Learning centers allow for teacher and child-directed concept formation and readiness skills through reasoning, problem-solving and logical thinking. Children are also encouraged to develop creative skills through dramatic play, music, art, and movement.


Our School Age Program offers fun, high quality care designed to promote, support and enhance development of children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Programming includes several options depending upon the time of year:

  • Before School
  • After School
  • Winter and Spring break and school release days
  • Summer Vacation

The school age program offers elementary children opportunities to make friends, play, develop skills and complete homework … all under the supervision and attention of caring adults. Our well-equipped facility provides for both indoor and outdoor learning experiences. Teachers provide guidance for involvement in a wide range of activities which may include crafts, music, art, computers, sports, reading, storytelling and dramatics. Children are offered a balance of choices for active and quiet play, structured and unstructured activities, teacher-directed and child-initiated experiences. Our school age program may also include special guests and field trips during school holidays or summer programming.

Provider Services


Kinder Kountry is a VPK provider and meets the standards required for staff and programming.The Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program (VPK) is a FREE, educational program with an early literacy focus that was created to prepare every four-year-old in Florida for kindergarten and build the foundation for their education success. Children eligible for this class must be 4 on or before September 1st. Parents must sign up through the Early Learning Coalition to participate in this program. Information and how to register online can be found at


Kinder Kountry is contracted provider for School Readiness services.

The primary goal of School Readiness is to provide safe, healthy, and readiness-enriched environments that support children and their families so they will enter kindergarten ready to learn. School Readiness Teams serve as support to children, families and providers in early childhood programs throughout Hillsborough County. Each School Readiness Team consists of a Curriculum Specialist, Screening and Assessment Specialist and Intervention Specialist.

The School Readiness Program provides child care assistance for low income families meeting eligibility guidelines and for families at risk referred from DCF and/or HKI. Parents who have received referral from one of these agencies must bring the authorization form into one of the School Readiness Intake Offices. Families meeting other eligibilities may come to one of the School Readiness Offices for assistance. Services are offered based on the priorities approved by the local Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County. For more information,or to be placed on a waiting list for services, call 813-744-8942 or visit their website at: /school-readiness/


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